We exist to provide the specific technical expertise hypergrowth companies need to achieve their groundbreaking creations. 


TalentPartners.js is a group of technical recruitment consultants who work closely with executives and investors at hypergrowth startups across North America & Silicon Valley, and help build leading software engineering teams.

We specialize in the most sought after areas of expertise, and provide the most value to startups utilizing progressive web development & design, as well as big data and analytics.

Our track record is industry leading across key KPIs, and we've previously recruited top talent for established billion-dollar tech companies as well as Pre-IPO, venture-backed startups.

To complement our recruitment expertise, we also have experience in the trenches of entrepreneurship, building and selling mobile products, pitching venture capitalists, and seeing a project all the way through from idea to execution.

Our subsequent, holistic understanding of the tech sector has allowed us to better connect with clients and candidates, appreciate the intricacies of the roles and projects we recruit for, and help contribute to better solutions. The executive search methods we apply to contingency roles ensures a thorough approach that has all angles covered. 

As well connected technologists who are always in tune with the latest market trends, we've built relationships with prominent investors, startup and patent lawyers, SRED consultants, and tech entrepreneurs who have been there and done it before.

We started TalentPartners.js to combine our recruitment experience with our passion for tech startups, and help high growth companies build elite software engineering teams.

Although we only take on a select number of specialized projects, we're always happy to connect. If you're a potential candidate, client, or startup entrepreneur with a belief that we can help, definitely reach out.