TalentPartners.js works closely with executives and investors at hypergrowth startups across the Pacific Northwest & Silicon Valley, and helps build leading software engineering & executive teams.

Many are backed by Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Apple & Linkedin executives, Uber & Instagram founders, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, and other highly in-demand VCs, who only invest in the most promising tech companies (products include Wearables, Internet of Things,Virtual Reality, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, FinTech & Payments, 3D Printing, and Computer Vision). Their customers include Apple, Slack, Twitter, Microsoft, Google, Netflix, Visa, Walmart & many others.

Our venture arm includes an innovation lab creating cutting edge products & a portfolio of investments into fast-growing companies that are among the latest up-and-coming technology success stories.

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We’re looking for a Business Development Consultant  to join our Vancouver team for a full-time, permanent opportunity.

By partnering with the smartest developers and executives in the Pacific Northwest, we’re able to help the top tech startups & enterprises build elite engineering teams ― many with close ties to Silicon Valley. Most of our clients are backed by some of the top VC’s in North America such as Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, and Sequoia Capital with companies like Kickstarter & Cisco counting as partners.

Since our founding in Winter 2015, we've built a phenomenal foundation and become leaders within the startup and engineering space ― now highly trusted by some of the top Silicon Valley & Pacific Northwest based companies. Our Co-Founder was recently given the Top 30 Under 30 Award by BC Business, which reflects the excellent ROI we drive for the tech industry.

As we grow into new markets, we're looking to bring on a key new Business Development Consultant to our team, to help expand our venture and offering to both clients & candidates.


This is a multi-faceted, dynamic role, working under the founders ― two of the nation’s experts in executive and engineering search (and former hiring managers @ venture backed tech startups). You’ll begin by learning the foundations, at the intersection of business & technology, and master the most relevant skillets as it relates to candidate recruitment.

Once seasoned, you’ll have the option to move into a dual client & candidate facing role, managing your own accounts, and growing them.

Over time, you’ll be handpicking new ventures to add to our portfolio, managing those accounts & stakeholder relationships, and forming partnerships with top-tier engineers to help build our client’s software development teams. In some cases, you’ll be working directly with the CTO, providing market advice and forming strategies around new roles that will have a huge impact on their future business.



We have a reputation for excellence with Silicon Valley & Canadian based companies, and are committed to ensuring this continues, and all future hires are given the training & support to integrate into this high standard.

  • Award Winning: Top 30 Under 30 (BC Business)

  • Trusted by the Top Technology Companies & Executives: The highly spoken words about us from top tech companies in the world’s best technology hubs, many with roots in Silicon Valley, are a testament to the ROI we drive ― read our testimonials here

  • Client Portfolio: Our portfolio of companies rank among the highest across all measures, some being groundbreaking Google, Andreessen Horowitz, and Sequoia Capital backed ventures, and this is a reflection of our position as the leader in the innovation sector.

  • Angel Investors and Tech Entrepreneurs: Our experience as angel investors, tech entrepreneurs and hiring managers in prominent venture-backed companies allows us to relate to executives and the strategic issues they face.

We are looking for extremely hungry individuals, who have the desire to put in the work and have the dedication needed to reach this level of excellence.

The initial 12 months in this role will be relatively intensive, and the learning experience, as well as our brand, will provide you with platform to be phenomenally successful.

This high calibre and competitive program will set you on the path to developing the necessary skills to act as a true consultant to technology companies, and progress to client facing, account manager (managing a portfolio of clients) & leadership positions within our company down the road.


Impactful Work ― Provide massive value to the innovation & technology community, and all that represents in this modern age.

Learning Potential ― Very few jobs are so dynamic, and require deep knowledge in as many areas across business & technology, to truly succeed, as this. You will become the mixed martial artist of these two domains.

Become an Expert in Innovation ― If you like technology, progressive startups, cutting edge products, and meeting with incredibly talented & smart people, then this role will be right up your alley. Over time, you will become an expert in innovation, through your exposure to various client projects.

Intensive Work, with Ultimate Focus on Candidate & Client Acquisition ― While it is important to build a strong foundation of knowledge to be able to better perform, the end goal is to make you the best possible sales & recruiting machine, for our clients and those you acquire & manage in the future. Learning comes with time, and a large majority of the day is spent reaching out to candidates, and putting in the work to be successful.

Clear Path to Success ― With self-motivated characters who truly want to succeed, constantly learn, and push their boundaries, there will be a clear path to success and growth at every stage.

Leadership Opportunities ― While leadership, or the ambition to rise to it, is neither a requirement or guarantee, we do welcome people who are willing to put in the time & effort to become true experts in our field, and rise up into a mini-CEO type position, at some stage in the future.

Well-Rounded Technologist ― You’ll gain a respectable understanding of all facets of the tech startup industry, from financing to product development, and the challenges facing executives as they take an innovative concept from idea to commercial success.

TO Be SUCCESSFUL In This role:

Our success is based off of a broad skillset, and these are the skills you will be learning and employing over time, in this dynamic role:

  • Work ethic and attitude

  • Problem Solving and Resourcefulness

  • A mentality of constant learning ― Technology & business are hugely broad terms, but to truly excel in this role, a person needs to be well rounded in both, and this requires constantly learning, over numerous years

  • Ability to drive sales results and success, routinely hitting quotas and KPIs

  • Marketing Communications & Strategy ― Understanding the underlying reasons that motivate certain audiences, and how best to market to them.

  • Writing Skills ― Strong skills as it relates to writing, and creating a compelling pitch

  • Fearless mentality ― Natural ability to pick up the phone and call an executive or engineer.

  • Understanding of Technology (from wearables and artificial intelligence to computer vision, apps and e-commerce, etc) ― this will come with time and we don’t expect it from the beginning

  • The possibilities for learning & improvement are almost endless, which presents phenomenal opportunity within our industry, as your competitors are often limited in their knowledge base.

  • Psychology & Negotiation (as it relates to business/marketing)

  • Well rounded business acumen, with understanding of (or desire to learn) all of the moving parts that impact our business and our clients'



  • An excellent problem solver

  • Well spoken and polished business acumen

  • A natural ability to pick up the phone, and pitch anyone from Directors, VPs and C-Suite executives

  • Fast learner, capable of disseminating complex info and presenting it in a compelling but easy to understand way

  • Ability to understand, analyze and break down complex topics, and if need be, create effective solutions; natural ability to create and evaluate multiple approaches to solving the same problem

  • Intelligent and resourceful

  • Confidence making key decisions, and can maximize efficiency with little supervision and no micromanagement

  • Has an understanding that a successful sales cycle is the end goal of any company, and has the potential to contribute heavily to that.


  • Strong work ethic

  • An optimistic attitude, even when faced with overcoming hurdles, constantly learning and/or having to improve

  • Extremely Driven & Motivated ― will approach this as more than a 9-5, not because it’s expected, but because you truly want to be successful

  • Passion for technology & innovation

  • Determined and persistent

  • A track record of previous sales results & success, routinely hitting quotas and KPIs

  • Dependable ― high in integrity/trust

  • Ability to work calmly under pressure

  • Ability to focus on high-value tasks vs. everything on your priority list (be strategic)

  • Always given any challenge your best effort, and a history of consistently setting and meeting goals in all aspects of your life



  • 1-2 years of client management, marketing communication, or business development experience

  • Knowledge of the overall startup market & tech industry trends, including early stage company life-cycle, from product development to venture financing and scaling for growth

  • Understanding of product development (within software / app development); or web/mobile technologies and concepts

  • Experience in an enterprise technology environment, or a high growth Vancouver tech startup, although this isn’t a requirement

  • Experience in the production of mobile or web apps, or any other digital product

  • Experience managing a sales cycle from end to end (initial reach-out to contract signing)

  • Undergraduate Degree or Diploma in Commerce/Business, Sales, Marketing, or Technology