We recruit modern technologists to solve your most complex challenges, so you can keep growing.


TalentPartners.js maintains a selective client portfolio, while focusing on the most in-demand, permanent software engineering roles. From mid to late stage ventures and Pre-IPO highly funded Series B - E companies, to recently acquired startups and globally recognized publicly traded tech enterprises, we seek to partner with those who have only the highest of engineering standards. 

We work alongside well regarded, high growth startups and market leaders, who we believe are best positioned to gain value from our specialized services. The end result is highly respected, long term partnership that is mutually beneficial for business growth.

Our experience building engineering teams ranges from multi-million dollar VC-backed startups to billion-dollar technology companies with demanding programming standards. We've worked in the mobile, gaming, e-commerce, retail, IoT and SaaS industries, having grown local Pacific Northwest offices by 1000% and higher.

We apply executive level search strategies that allow us to fully understand our clients' business, vision, and competition, in order to build their team in the most effective way. 

Agreements are generally set up on a contingency basis. We have a proven track record, and believe that a partnership set up in this manner is the best option for all parties.

Working as trusted advisors in the technologies we specialize in, we will stay in constant communication, and provide consultative advice regarding our specializations and hiring as we move through the process.

In general, we only work with clients on a referral basis. We will consider each client on a case by case basis, however, and are happy to discuss your company's opportunity to determine if we can help.