Exclusive Video From The Leaders in Early-Mid Stage & Pre-IPO Technical Recruitment:

"How you can Build Acquisition-Ready Software Engineering Teams that are Exit Targets for the World’s Top Technology Companies”

  • How to identity engineers primed to make your company acquisition-ready
  • The biggest mistakes you can make when trying to close A-level Engineers, Designers & Executives
  • Your single greatest weapon as a Founder/Executive, Hiring Manager or In-house Recruiter, in the one of the hottest markets ever 

TalentPartners.js works closely with executives and investors at hypergrowth startups across the worlds most popular technology hubs, including Silicon Valley, and helps build acquisition-ready software engineering & executive teams. 

Many of their portfolio ventures have been acquired by companies like Apple, raised future Series A-E investment rounds & increased their valuation by tens of Millions — reflecting our help in securing them hugely valuable software engineers and executives.

Ian and Mark — TP.js Founders — breakdown some of the key factors in building these types of A-level teams and reveal the main ingredients to prepare them to become Acquisition-Ready. 

Our track record is industry leading, and we work with some of the top names in technology — a portfolio that includes highly funded (Pre-IPO), recently acquired startups, and publicly traded tech giants, several with headquarters in Silicon Valley and most backed by Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, Founders/CEOs of Instagram, Uber, Instagram & Dropbox, Facebook/Apple executives, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, and other highly in-demand VCs.

“As former workers in tech, they always had the unique insight into technical candidate quality that usually only a CTO could provide.”
— Forbes 30 Under 30 CEO
“They are really magicians when it comes to finding the right candidates to build your team.”
— Vice President @ Series B Wearables / ML Startup