Our Philosophy


We serve as trusted tech consultants, and our philosophy is to be completely transparent with candidates and clients.

The only opportunities we encourage to candidates are the ones we believe will improve their career and be a genuine fit with the company's beliefs and culture. Ultimately, this results in less employee turnover and more candidate-client culture fit.

We believe that taking on less clients and filling less roles, is actually more. By focusing on a small number of specialized technologies, we can dedicate all our time and resources into finding an extremely qualified candidate. It is not our practice to carry as many roles as we can, seeing from past experience that it's actually much less effective. The 'throw it all at the wall and see what sticks' mentality is simply not for us.

To live up to this philosophy and commitment, we are highly selective with the clients we take on, and maintain a narrow project portfolio. Our focus on specific technologies allows us to deliver the best possible opportunities to our candidates and the best possible results to our clients.