From Silicon Valley to Vancouver

Launch a Vancouver, Canada Office & Get Access to Top Engineers for a Fraction of the Cost



Our Top 3 Tips To Launch A Vancouver Office from SF

  • Join those who’ve saved millions (30% USD savings)

  • Access Top Percentile Open-Source Engineers

  • Live in a Top 3 City on Mercer's Best Places List

  • Enter the ranks of AAA co’s who’ve opened here (Slack, Apple, Adobe, Mozilla, & Kickstarter, etc)

  • Improve chances of acquisition — many have acqui-hired here (Cisco, PayPal, Match, Mastercard)

  • Take advantage of unmatched government tax credits & grants (some companies gained millions back)



  • How other SF startups similar to yours have successfully moved here, and what has worked best for them

  • Strategies to Access the Top Percentile of Passive Software Engineers

  • Key 3rd party considerations when setting up your office, including the main partners you’ll want to speak with

  • Strengths & weaknesses of the candidate market here: including that in the executive, engineering, & design realm

  • How best to qualify for Numerous Government Grants, and Tax Credits, & specialist introductions

  • How to leverage 3rd parties for Employment Contracts, Compensation & Benefits while forming your Canadian Entity

  • How to secure top quality office space, & how to handle candidate expectations in the early stages

  • Cover All Your Basic San Francisco > Vancouver Logistics

We Specialize in Helping SF Companies Open Offices in Vancouver and Build their Executive & Engineering Teams

TalentPartners.js specializes in working closely with late stage Silicon Valley startups who are looking to benefit from the massive cost savings & talent that comes from opening a Vancouver based office.

Our track record includes countless examples of working end to end with venture-backed San Francisco startups, building elite executive & software engineering teams in Vancouver — helping them to save millions of dollars (in some cases), increase their valuation, and make them more acquisition-ready.

The cost and talent benefits of having an office in Vancouver are immense — companies like Slack, Mozilla, OpenDNS, Tigera, Tableau, Splunk, Kickstarter, Parsable, Sauce Labs, Zenefits, MailChimp, Postmates, Asana, Tile and many others have all tested the waters of Vancouver's tech hiring benefits, before investing deeply into what have now become flourishing engineering offices here.

Ultimately, companies like yours are able to ease your hiring challenges from Silicon Valley, spending significantly less on workforce compensation & taking advantage of the Canadian Dollar, while gaining access to top-tier engineers who have experience working on massively high performing, scalable software.

Numerous large companies have also acquired startups here — at least partially as a way to expand into the Canadian talent market.

These include Adobe (acquired Nitobi/PhoneGap), PayPal (acquired TIO); Apple (acquired buddybuild), Cisco (acquired OpenDNS), Kickstarter (acquired Huzza), Mastercard (acquired NuData), Moz (acquired STAT); GE (acquired BitStew), Match Group (acquired PlentyOfFish), Intel (acquired Recon), Mailchimp (acquired LemonStand), among many others.

You can review our case studies & testimonials below to see how some of our top partners have benefitted by launching a Vancouver office.


Why Open In Vancouver?

  • Vancouver was recently ranked by Global Startup Ecosystem as one of the Top Tech Startup Ecosystem’s in the world

  • Access to a diverse & elite talent pool with vast experience across modern engineering environments, in some of the most demanding companies (ex. Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Mozilla & Slack engineers / designers, etc)

  • Vancouver is one of the most affordable places in North America to launch a tech company (costs roughly less than half the amount to start a business in Vancouver as it does in San Francisco)

  • Late stage San Fran startups like Slack, Splunk, Zenefits, Tigera, Kickstarter, and Expa have already paved the way

  • Take Advantage of the Canadian Dollar: 1 USD = ~1.33 CAD (about a 30% savings)

  • A track record of top-tier acquisitions by Billion dollar companies like PayPal, Apple, Cisco, Intel, and Mastercard

  • Numerous examples of enterprises with top tier engineering standards who have also realized enormous benefits of having engineering teams in Vancouver — including Apple, Adobe, Samsung, Tableau, Mozilla, Microsoft, and Amazon

  • World class living standards — Vancouver consistently places within the top 5 on Mercer's Best Places to Live list (Globally)

  • Major Federal / Provincial Tax credits & grants including IRAP funds, SIF and the SRE&D Program (in some cases can add up to hundreds of thousands, or Millions of dollars back)

  • The Greater Vancouver & surrounding area is host to 3 world class universities with elite computer science programs

  • Increased engineer loyalty: developers typically stay in their jobs for 2+ years, compared to an average of 1.2 years in Silicon Valley

  • Government aid in Vancouver helps fuels tech growth through the BC Tech Fund (a 100M+ Fund)

  • Direct flights from SF to Vancouver in ~ 2 hours, and then a 25 minute skytrain ride directly from the airport (YVR) to Downtown (also stays in the same PST timezone)


Case Studies

Vancouver: The Hidden Tech Gem Slowly Being Discovered


1. Leading Real Estate Technology Startup

One of the leading US real estate technology platforms moved to Vancouver a few years ago after they acquired a local startup. The parent company is now public company, with a market cap of over $5 Billion, but continue to operate like a startup, and was recently named as one of the top places to work by

  • Brought on a top-tier VP Engineering (who previously worked at one of Vancouver’s most successful tech success stories) who was responsible for overseeing engineering & product, working closely with top executives from the US Head Office

  • Secured prime office space in one of the most in-demand areas of Downtown Vancouver

  • Connected them with one of the cities leading SRE&D experts, realizing tens of thousands in tax credits

  • Helped them bring on other top, passive Senior Software Engineers with track records of working at some of the top companies in Vancouver

2.SAAS Cloud-Based Industrial Management Software

Led by former Google & YouTube management, this now Series C company (over $40M in funding) is a San Fran based, Cloud SaaS Platform for the world’s largest industrial firms. At the time their products were heavily integrated with Wearable technology (ie. Google Glass). They have operations in four countries, and have had exceptional growth in Vancouver.

  • Hired a VP Engineering / GM of Canada, responsible for building a new Canadian R&D Division from the ground up which included building out & managing a world class engineering team

  • Roughly 6 months after the office opened, they raised a Series-B round increasing their valuation close to $100 Million, a 4-5x multiple compared to their Series A valuation

  • Secured office space in one of Vancouvers most sought after tech hubs downtown & helped build the team from 0 to 20 people in 1.5 years

3. Cloud Security & predictive Analytics Company

Cloud Security / Machine Learning company founded in San Francisco, acquired for half a Billion dollars by one of the worlds tech giants. Their platform has more than 50 million daily users, and they service 10,000+ paying businesses.

  • Responsible for growing their Vancouver Division — building the team by 2-3X, and further scaling their infrastructure product

  • Our growth efforts helped adding numerous people across Engineering Management, Product Management, and Senior Engineering

4. Containerization security Platform

Series B Network / Containerization platform founded in San Francisco and have raised over $50 Million. Their engineering team includes former Amazon, Adobe, FireEye, VMware, and Red Hat employees.

  • Secured temporary office space, and then moved into a larger long-term office in the heart of Downtown Vancouver

  • Brought on a Director of Engineering (coming from another one of Vancouver top success stories) who is responsible for expanding a new 70+ person engineering office & further develop their Enterprise product

  • Brought on the first 10 Senior Engineers, who are all highly sought after and have hugely impressive backgrounds within the Vancouver engineering community

  • Used a third party service to temporarily employ the hires (compensation, benefits, & everything else) while waiting for their Canadian Subsidiary to be Incorporated

  • Helped grow the Vancouver office to 20+ people in about 6 months — through our continued partnership — resulting in a AAA team of engineers coming from companies like Google, Adobe, Yahoo!, Arista Networks,, and Axiom Zen.

  • The company was soon after ranked inside the top 50 late-stage global startups set to explode in 2019 according to Business Insider

5. cloud-based testing for mobile & web applications

Started by the creator of the most successful testing software ever, this company is a Series D, San Francisco Pre-IPO startup that provides cloud-based testing for mobile and web applications. They have raised over $150 Million and were rated as one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in the Silicon Valley area. Their product is used by companies like Twitter, Lyft, Yahoo!, Salesforce, Slack, Yelp, Walmart, PayPal, and Visa.

  • Secured a Sr. Director of Engineering who is responsible for leading & growing all of their Cloud teams

  • Helped double the size of their Vancouver office from under 10 to more than 20 people

  • Their ARR grew by nearly 40 percent annually, with four consecutive years of double-digit ARR growth


About TalentPartnersJS

TalentPartners.js works closely with executives and investors at hypergrowth startups across the worlds most popular technology hubs, including Silicon Valley, and helps build acquisition-ready software engineering & executive teams. 

Many of their portfolio ventures have been acquired by companies like Apple, raised future Series A-E investment rounds & increased their valuation by tens of Millions — reflecting their ability to secure hugely valuable software engineers and executives.

Their track record is industry leading, as they work with some of the top names in technology — a portfolio that includes highly funded (Pre-IPO), recently acquired startups, and publicly traded tech giants, several with headquarters in Silicon Valley and most backed by Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, Founders/CEOs of Instagram, Uber, Instagram & Dropbox, Facebook/Apple executives, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, and other highly in-demand VCs.

“As former workers in tech, they always had the unique insight into technical candidate quality that usually only a CTO could provide.”
— Forbes 30 Under 30 CEO
We are extremely happy with the professionalism and quality of candidates that TalentPartners.js has brought to the game. Our CEO has always told us that our people are the most important part of what we are doing. It’s true and I always push my teams to avoid the temptation to compromise on hiring. Sometimes we need to bring in the big guns. We are huge fans and I will gladly recommend them.
— Director of Engineering @ Recently Acquired ($500+ Million) Silicon Valley Big Data & Machine Learning platform
“They are really magicians when it comes to finding the right candidates to build your team.”
— Vice President @ Series B, California-based Wearables / Deep Learning Startup
We began working with TalentPartners.js in November 2015, as we were beginning to search for a Senior Director of Engineering & General Manager to lead up our Canadian headquarters.

16 months after meeting with them, and 14 months after hiring our GM of Canada, we are extremely satisfied both with the process and the outcome of the search. I would work with TalentPartners.js again in a heartbeat and recommend them highly to anyone looking for a senior hire.
— Founder & CEO @ Google Ventures/Andreessen/Kleiner Perkins Backed, Series B Wearables Company based in San Francisco
“They are some of the best technical consultants in town and definitely have their finger on the pulse of what is happening with engineers in the local market.”
— Chief Operations Officer @ Fast growing SaaS Cloud Fintech Platform
Working with TalentPartners.js was like working with a true partner. They really took the time to get to know our company and our culture. Their backgrounds gave him a much deeper understanding of the qualities we were looking for which allowed them to find us the right fit. I would highly recommend TalentPartners.js, particularly if you’re looking for a personalized approach.
— Head of People @ Ex-Amazon & Facebook Led, Machine Learning/AI Mobile Gaming Startup
Their deep knowledge of the tech market allow them to deliver people that other recruiters don’t have access to.
— Chief Technology Officer @ Top Canadian/US Big Data Analytics Platform Reaching 2 Billion Consumers Worldwide