"As former workers in tech, they always had the unique insight into technical candidate quality that usually only a CTO could provide." - Forbes 30 Under 30 CEO

We are extremely happy with the professionalism and quality of candidates that TalentPartners.js has brought to the game. Some of the roles they have helped fill were open for more than a year before their amazing team helped to fill them. Our CEO has always told us that our people are the most important part of what we are doing. It’s true and I always push my teams to avoid the temptation to compromise on hiring. Sometimes we need to bring in the big guns. We are huge fans and I will gladly recommend their services to any and all who ask.
— Director of Engineering @ Recently Acquired ($500+ Million) Silicon Valley Big Data & Machine Learning platform
We began working with TalentPartners.js in November 2015, as we were beginning to search for a Senior Director of Engineering & General Manager to lead up our Canadian headquarters.

The folks at TalentPartners.js presented us a handful of candidates, learning quickly from our feedback on each to narrow in on the right candidate for us. Less than a month after engaging with them, they introduced us to the gentleman who would become — and still is — our Canadian subsidiary head.

The TalentPartners.js team was extremely helpful throughout the process, shepherding the candidate through the fairly extensive interview process we had designed, helping gather and vet references, helping us determine and gut-check market compensation, and ultimately helping negotiate the offer.

16 months after meeting with them, and 14 months after hiring our GM of Canada, we are extremely satisfied both with the process and the outcome of the search. I would work with TalentPartners.js again in a heartbeat and recommend them highly to anyone looking for a senior hire.
— Founder & CEO @ Google Ventures/Andreessen/Kleiner Perkins Backed, Series B Wearables Company based in San Francisco
Ian and Mark are some of the best technical recruiters in town and definitely have their finger on the pulse of what is happening with engineers in the local market. We had a great experience working with TalentPartners.js for our recent technical searches. We were struggling with a couple of tough-to-fill, senior level developer roles and they were able to quickly turnaround high-quality candidates. Both candidates are a strong culture fit and doing well with us. This is a small, tight-knit market where premium talent is snapped up quickly. They were diligent in both representing us as a great place to work to generate interest and in coaching us to move quickly and position our offering competitively. We will work with TalentPartners.js again and are happy to recommend them to companies in need of technical recruiting firepower.
— Chief Operations Officer @ Fast growing SaaS Cloud Platform
TalentPartners.js came to us through a friend’s warm introduction. We were up and running with them in days and were able to go from wide search, shortlist, and final interviews within a 2-3 week timeframe. They are responsive. As former workers in tech, they always had the unique insight into technical candidate quality that usually only a CTO could provide.

Our first hire through TalentPartners.js was our Director of Software Engineering. He continues to be a valuable part of our leadership team. In his first 6 months, he recruited a stellar team to work with him to build and deploy an entirely new version of our complex system. We had an urgent need to discard a system that couldn’t scale and TalentPartners.js led the recruitment for the person who would save us from that dangerous predicament.
— Co-Founder @ Leading San Francisco Wearables Startup
TalentPartners.js is one of the most productive recruiting partners I have ever worked with. They really spend time to understand my hiring needs before sending anyone over, and the candidates are not only the top notch candidates that you can find on today’s competitive market, but also exactly what I’m looking for. That’s because they put in so much homework into screening the candidate before they’re presented, and it saved my team a ton time, making hiring a much more pleasant process. They work extremely hard and try to make themselves available 24/7, so I can get hold of them whenever I need information on a candidate or reschedule an interview on a very short notice. It has been a very pleasant and highly productive experience working with them.
— VP of Engineering @ Award Winning SaaS FinTech Venture in North America
TalentPartners.js are really magicians when it comes to finding the right candidates to build your team. They take the time to really understand the client, the company, the manager and the candidates. Rather than just looking for keywords in the job description and matching it up with candidates’ resume - they really strive to come with a perfect match for the candidate and the company. I am really satisfied with their services and they are still my go-to guys when I need to expand my team.
— Director of Software @ Forbes Award Winning Series B Startup
I’ve worked with a number of recruiters over the years, but it’s extremely difficult to find ones that truly understand tech. TalentPartners.js are one of the few that I’ve worked with who actually take the time to understand the unique skills, experience and personality of candidates that I’m on the hunt for. Their deep knowledge of the tech market allow them to deliver people that other recruiters don’t have access to. After working with them to fill several of our most difficult to hire roles over the past few years, I would not hesitate to work with them again in the future.
— Chief Technology Officer @ Top Canadian/US Big Data Analytics Platform Reaching 2 Billion Consumers Worldwide
The entire team at TalentPartners.js was amazing to work with. We were looking for a very specific skillset in a very competitive market. We had tried other recruitment firms in the past, but found some to be almost sales like in their approach and the quality of candidates put forward had been disappointing. Working with TalentPartners.js was like working with a true partner. They really took the time to get to know our company and our culture. Their backgrounds gave him a much deeper understanding of the qualities we were looking for which allowed them to find us the right fit. I would highly recommend TalentPartners.js, particularly if you’re looking for a personalized approach.
— Head of People @ Ex-Amazon & Facebook Led, Machine Learning/AI Mobile Gaming Startup