We aren't just another agency that sets up interviews. We help build your business before and after the recruitment process, to set you up for long term success.   


Insider Market Knowledge & Expertise
We consult you on the most up to date market knowledge in areas like salary ranges, supply & demand of candidates + technologies, offer negotiations, the interview process, products in town with similar tech stacks, and much more.

Compliment & Work Alongside Internal Recruitment Teams
Internal recruiters often enjoy working alongside us, since we bring to the table many A-quality, passive candidates that in-house teams have trouble reaching for their toughest to fill roles.

Many engineers are attracted to our exclusive portfolio of the very best companies in the Pacific Northwest, and since we already have relationships with them, they heavily rely on us to provide non-bias recommendations of where to invest their time and energy.

This is where we bridge the gap and are seen as an invaluable solution, tailoring & recommending only the very best options considering the unique interests and career goals they have. Typically, we've been working with our passive engineers for many months, so we know exactly what to approach them with when the right opening comes up.

Access to the 'Hidden' Candidate Market
In such a hot market, many companies are simultaneously pitching candidates on the "great opportunities" they all claim to offer, and as a result, top tier candidates are often numb to the messages they receive from in-house teams. This leads to low response rates and overall limited access to the best candidates. It's difficult for these candidates to know which opportunities are what they claim to be, as the process of due diligence and behind the scenes research takes significant time. As passive candidates, they don't want to invest that time. 

The top engineers also enjoy being hands off in the process, so we take care of everything for them - from supplying them with tailored company information & securing their interest, to introducing their profiles, setting up interviews, negotiating contracts, and everything else in-between. They prefer to use this route, rather than applying for jobs, or even responding directly to in house recruitment teams.

Executive Level Search Methodology
We are leaned on by many of Silicon Valley’s fastest growing companies to perform arm’s length executive searches for them. Executive level searches require strict & thorough methodology which are not utilized by many recruitment agencies, who generally take the opposite approach. We take the time to go through the process with all of our assignments, regardless of whether the role is executive in nature. Balancing speed & quality has been a core pillar of past success.

Referral Bonus Program
We offer an industry leading referral program that uncovers hidden candidates and continues to promote future growth for your team.

Cutting-Edge Sourcing Tools
In addition to our deep internal network and referral program, we utilize data driven tools to find you the right long-term candidates.

Candidate Testing
Our partner's leading programmer testing platform helps us make sure your applicant's code quality is top notch.

Performance Reviews
We will meet quarterly to check up on recent placements, and make sure their on-boarding was smooth and performance is up to expectations.

Network of Influence
Having access to the relationships we've built with different investors, tech entrepreneurs, top level executives and technology lawyers will help you solve a variety of future challenges that come up, including expansion.