With our niche placement approach, you can take your mind off recruiting and spend your time executing.  


  1. We're extremely specialized in the most in-demand areas of technology, allowing us to fill your most challenging software engineering roles.

  2. We have an industry leading track record partnering with billion-dollar tech companies and emerging, IPO destined startups, growing some local teams by up to 1000%+.

  3. Our portfolio of companies rank among the highest across all measures, some being groundbreaking Google, Andreessen Horowitz, and Sequoia Capital backed ventures.

  4. We have an elusive network of some of the brightest & cultured software engineers in North America, who aren't necessarily looking, but rely on us to provide them with tailored recommendations of which companies to invest time into.

  5. Many of our portfolio ventures have been acquired — by companies like Apple & Cisco — or have raised future rounds & increased their valuation by tens of millions, reflecting our strong ability to secure them hugely valuable executives & senior engineers, as well as our highly selective approach to taking on new clients.

  6. The portfolio we take on is highly selective ― unlike most recruitment firms, whose client list covers large portions of the market and are contractually obligated to stay away from these client's employees ― we can approach candidates from the majority of companies in town.

  7. The experience we have as angel investors, tech entrepreneurs and hiring managers in prominent venture-backed startups, allow us to relate to founders and truly understand each role you need help with.

  8. Our 'quality over quantity' philosophy means we dedicate the majority of our time to your most in-need positions ― a refreshing approach when compared to the vast majority of recruitment firms, who routinely have each recruiter working on 15+ roles at any time.

  9. Our team has diverse experience recruiting talent across a number of tech industries including SaaS, big data, machine learning & artificial intelligence, wearables, e-commerce, gaming, mobile, security, fintech & payments, analytics, augmented & virtual reality, consumer electronics, retail and the Internet of Things.

  10. We invest heavily into technology, utilizing custom Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning to supplement our thorough process and expertise.

  11. We believe in a highly transparent, quintessential consultant approach for candidates and clients, that utilizes our experience building products in the startup industry.

  12. You'll gain access to our Network of Influence, from notable investors and tech entrepreneurs to high level executives and strategic legal council.